Warning: My blog may be triggering.Katie. Age: 20. Aspiring writer. Disassociated with myself is how I've grown to live, day by day. Smoking. Cutting. Starving. Reading. Lying. Feeling; helpless, soulless.

This is where I unleash my racing, tethered thoughts about myself and my illnesses. This is who I am, even when I wish it wasn't.

Diagnosed: Borderline Personality Disorder-Anorexia Nervosa; Resticting Type-PTSD-BDD

*Note: Unless stated otherwise, I do not own any of the pictures I post. I do not support Pro ED's (In any category) or Self-Mutilation.

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Season finale!

I got v bored and decided to draw Bob’s fam, along with Jimmy Jr. and DRL but, I got v lazy with the colouring and some of the colours are off but u get it right. Sorry 4 being almost naked and mind my face, btw lol. Love u guys

BAE <3

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